Our Services

Compliance Assessments, Audits and Review

We offer a variety of evaluative services to our business clients. Our team also has the expertise to assist clients in best practices for most business types and to assist health care providers with required compliance assessments, audits and reviews. We help clients how to understand and meet corporate compliance program implementation requirements with processes that we find are less stressful and more effective than some other strategies historically used. What matters most to us is that our client’s reach their goals in a manner that works for them and their operations. Our evaluative services are engaged with that in mind and or guidance is tailored to our clients’ needs. We also assist clients in evaluating and reaching goals in specific areas of health care compliance, such as HIPAA security and privacy, employee training and effectiveness testing. We help our clients tailor their operations and compliance programs to the size of their operations and the type of services they provide.

Strategic Planning and our “Journey” Process

We use a unique “journey” process  in assisting clients in reach their goals. Our intention is always to assist clients in gaining and maintaining a clear awareness about what they hope to achieve in planning and goal setting processes. We assist clients as much or as little as they need us to do so as they journey toward their goals. Our professionals also assist both for profit and not for profit clients in goal setting and reaching goals. We assist clients in many types of goal setting and planning. Goal setting processes can be in relation to the business operations as a whole or tailored to specific areas of a business’ operations, such as within and amongst departments and teams and as to areas such as compliance program implementation. We also assist clients in developing and redefining business plans and strategies that they may find to be outdated or obsolete along the way.

Goal Setting and Additional “Journey” Services

Our professionals can be engaged to facilitate board and departmental planning processes and assist in development and communication of planning goals. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and can include more elaborate goal setting and goal facilitating services that we provide as part of our “journey” services. The “journey” process that we developed to assist clients in reaching their goals helps us assist clients in better evaluating and gaining clarity about where they are in relation to their goals than more traditional processes. We have found that the unique process we use is effective in assisting clients in determining where they are in relation to their goals and helping to ensure that they are able to stay on track in reaching their goals. This is especially important in health care settings.

Assistance for Health Care Providers and Heavily Regulated Operations

We are uniquely situated to assist health care providers and other businesses operating in the health care sector. Our services are tailored to work with compliance heavy business operations that need effective implementation and workforce training strategies.  We help clients engage processes that support them in their compliance efforts in a manner that is intended to reduce stress in the implementation process and better facilitate compliant practices throughout a clients’ operations. We are also able to provide clients with resources and tools to help them meet their compliance goals, and, where applicable, assist clients in effectively addressing cultural and workforce issues that may arise as operations change and evolve. Our services are specifically tailored to each client. We are willing to engage clients in any stage of their compliance and regulatory processes and are willing to remain on board, as needed, after our clients’ goals have been reached in an advisory capacity to assist in monitoring and auditing processes.

Transformational, Conflict Resolution and Culture Evolution-Related Services

We assist clients in addressing internal struggles and conflicts that may arise from the natural evolution of business operations and implementation of new systems. Our professionals are experienced in transformational conflict resolution and may also be hired to mediate conflicts between individuals and amongst teams.  We also provide services that help clients to evaluate root causes of conflicts and other operational issues and provide guidance on and strategies to address issues that are identified.  Our services include guidance on strategies for effective internal communication that help clients effectively transform conflicts into informed actions that support the unique paths they take to reach their goals.

Change happens quickly in current society, and, as a result, business culture is also being forced to evolve in all sectors. Our professionals are trained in effective strategies related to cultural diversity and accessibility and can help clients in evaluating whether their operations engage best practices and regulatory requirements. We assist clients in addressing diversity and inclusion matters as they relate to the services we are hired to perform, and our professionals are trained in a number of diversity, inclusion and accessibility strategies used in business and team settings.

Assistance with Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation

We provide hands-on technical assistance to clients in various areas related to the services we provide and the areas of expertise of our team members. Such services include assistance with policy and procedure development and review and assistance with implementation strategies. This is a key part of the assistance that we provide clients as we accompany them on their journey and assist them in reaching their goals.  The strategies that we use for policy and procedure development and the implementation assistance that we provide has proven effective in supporting the operational and compliance goals of our clients and facilitating their success.