Our team at Comply In stride, Inc. assists clients with a “journey” approach to reaching their goals that starts with helping each client clearly determine where they are starting from as they look toward their goals. Sometimes our clients quickly find that where they are is different from where they thought they were starting from before working with us on this step.  We can also help clients implement appropriate compliance tools to evaluate risks and define next steps in relation to risk assessments. We also assist with implementing monitoring and auditing processes that help them evaluate their progress on their journey.

Once we can identify exactly where a client is in relation to the goal we are helping the client achieve, we are able to help the client determine the details of the ultimate goal that they want to reach. Sometimes clients have multiple goals, and we take that into account when working with them, helping them determine priorities in the process.

The next step in the process is to help the client map their unique path to the goal, based upon their culture, their unique talents and, as applicable, compliance requirements related to their operations. We often work with health care providers because our consultants are experienced in health care compliance and their journeys are often more challenging than less regulated business operations. Even so, we have found that our process works with all business types, and we are willing to work with clients in other industries where our experience fits their operations and goals.

We understand that every journey is a step by step process and each client’s journey is unique to them, and we have found that helping clients set realistic intermediate goals unique to them along their journey helps them to both regroup and to look back and see their progress along the way. We call these the “base camps” where the client can “pause and reflect.”

This unique “pause and reflect” approach developed by our consultants helps the client to take in the view, resource and regroup, and this includes appreciating progress made.  This is also a place where we can work with the client to determine whether the end goal remains the same.  We have found that helping clients “pause and reflect” and re-evalute as they go is very a very effective, and, oftentimes, a necessary strategy in clients reaching their goals. This process facilitates better communication and can help the client address questions and solve issues that come up along the way, including those that might have otherwise sidelined or delayed their implementation process.

We assist clients along the journey as much or as little as they would like, and we tailor our assistance to clients to what they need from us.

Along with compliance best practices, our consultants help clients find mindful practices that work for their business size and operations to allow them to engage compliance and operational processes, step by step, with their staff and within their unique culture.

As we assist our clients in ways to stay present with where they are in relation to both their goals and help them focus on taking each next step in order, we find that they are able to reach their goals in a less stressful manner than they may have experienced in other processes. Our clients frequently demonstrate that they are able to use the processes and practices that we share with them to peacefully, effectively and efficiently reach their goals faster than they first had thought they could.

Erin F. MacLean, JD*, CHC, CHPC

*Comply In Stride, Inc. does not provide legal services. For legal engagements, Erin can be reached at Freeman & MacLean, P.C. https://fandmpc.com/.